Syntax highlighters... again

Posted July 2016


It looks pretty when it’s right, doesn’t it? Quite hard to say what that is sometimes, and in my experience working with a lot of developers over the years, it’s pretty subjective too.

This blog

The current version of this blog now uses Hakyll, which uses Kate’s highlighting… but I found the default styling somewhat lacking especially for Python.

However a static blog with in-browser highlighting (à la prettify.js or highlight.js) seemed a shame

Customising Kate

The default styling doesn’t play nicely with Foundation (v6, at least) so a little hacking was necessary:

I also ended up “adding” a few more colours / styling with Python as a benchmark, as it was looking decidedly monochrome for a while.

Testing it out

Some random snippets across languages.




Not beautiful, but could be worse!